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At your Service - Testimonials

Melissa L - OC, California (Healing)

" Rachels psychic ability is like no other. My friends and I have seen Rachel several times and she is always spot on with her assistance. She sees things we cannot, and uses them to guide us. She is the best!"

Rachel S -Germany, Europe (Healing)

" When I wasn't sure how things would pan out, like a beacon of hope, Rachels' reading brought clarity and put challenging events back into perspective, giving me a steady point of reference.

Highly recommended!

Nik A - Phoenix, Arizona (Healing)

"Thank you so much Rachel, I feel really good - I am on Cloud 9 after our session! I appreciate you so much. I also enjoy your youtube tarot readings. Mine was spot on, you nailed it!"

Christine J. - Scottsdale, Arizona (Healing)
"Rachel is amazing! She is insightful, aware and diligent! I've called on Rachel to help my children and family through stressful times at school and at home, which has helped me with getting through daily activities, and managing stress levels. Whenever I need a person to relate or help with almost anything, she's there with good energy. I am blessed to have her in my life and am grateful for her time and energy! Recommended"
Bryon R. - Glendale, Arizona (Healing)
"Rachel has done great work - I walk out of a session feeling like a new man! She has helped me rehabilitate more than once, often on short notice. She also gives sound nutritional advice. I am thankful for what I have learned from her and try my best to stick to it - I often hear her voice in my head before I tuck into junk food! "
Jacqui B - Phoenix, Arizona (Healing)

"Rachel is the ultimate Wonder Woman! Her virtues are many: respectful, honest, creative and responsible are just a few! I have received many great contributions of love and healing over the past 3 years with her gifted foot reflexology, chocolate, and massage. Rachel has made a significant impact in my life and in my husbands' life. We are blessed to have her in our lives!

Mr & Mrs J. W. - Tempe, Arizona (Music)


"You were masterful Rachel, I had more people ask me about "you" than anything else after the wedding! Thank you just doesn't seem to convey the appropriate gratitude that both Lisa and I feel about you. Suffice it to say, thank you for making our special day go from ordinary to extraordinary. Your presence and music was glorious!

Thank you!"

Jodi B - Tempe, Arizona (Healing)

"Rachel has a very healing touch, she is very compassionate and confident in her therapeutic work. She offers her heart and wonderful positive thoughts and affirmations in her sessions."

Lorelei M - OC., California (Healing)

" Hi Rachel, Just wanted to let you know, I really feel your tarot and reiki session really helped me clear bad energy, what was blocking me and gave me direction. Thank you! "

Dr. Julian Wyatt - Tempe, Arizona (Healing)

"I fully endorse this amazing light warrior to anyone that experiences panic attacks, has anxiety related issues, trauma, insomnia, back pain, cluster headaches, unresolved childhood memories, all types of abuse. For someone who is a Veteran like myself, or for just plain in need of resetting and recharging their energy from stress levels, I can tell you her treatments are like nothing I've ever experienced before, and I have received various therapies all over the world while on active duty.


Rachel creates a safe space, meditates and sets intention for the session. I like that she places healing crystals and sometimes uses essential oils. She utilizes various modalities alongside her intuitive card reading, such an unique combination of skills and techniques for transmutation of bad energy - you can actually feel her pruning or flicking the bad energy away and sealing it with positivity, love and compassion. She finishes a session with sound from tools such as spirit flute, singing bowl and voice harmonies. It's not uncommon for me to feel lightning bolts of energy shoot through my feet!"

Brenda M - B.C., Canada (Chocolate)

" Best chocolate I have had in many years. I consider myself a connoisseur since I am a woman after all. Keep up the excellent quality work you do with such love and skill. Much appreciated!

Rachel J - Missouri (Healing)

" Truly powerful medicine!"

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