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  Rachel  Mari Kimber

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Acoustic Album -

A drop In The Ocean

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Band Album -

Life Changes

Everything Changes

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Single -

Soul Journey

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Single -

Plain Sight

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Single -


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Single -
Don't Push It Away

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Single -
Seeing Is Believing



Rachel was born in Birmingham (UK) to a very musical family. Her father, a Welsh vicar (guitarist, singer) and mother an ESL teacher (pianist, singer), and an Eurythmy Therapist and Kindergarten teacher encouraged Rachel to make her own music and from the early age of 6 she started learning Cello. Rachel quickly progressed, joining the Bristol Junior Strings
Orchestra then going on to perform at the Colston Hall age 11.
It was while at school that, Rachel began teaching herself guitar and discovered her own unique voice. Her earlier writings were influenced by listening to many styles of music from
Classical (Mozart) to Rock (Led Zeppelin), Folk (Joni Mitchell), Pop (The Beatles) Jazz (Charlie Mingus,) Soul/Funk (Stevie Wonder) and Blues (Jimi Hendrix), from these she found and
developed her own particular musical style.

Rachel spent a year doing an Art and Design diploma in Halesowen College, while quietly developing her composition and arranging skills. She became a competent guitarist playing, singing, writing and arranging her own songs. This led her to spend 2 years at Kidderminster College of Further Education doing a Performing Arts Diploma to further develop her wide range of musical styles and improving her natural ability to communicate on stage.

After leaving college she took time out au-paring in Switzerland where she also made her mark on the local music scene and learned French. Returning to London Rachel set up her home studio where she recorded her many demos of songs, some of which are still played today!


Going back to hear Welsh roots, Rachel moved to Cardiff, South Wales (UK) where she continued composing whilst playing electric guitar for local punk/pop band Verona. During that time she received a grant from the Prince's Trust to set up her own business as a self-employed musician. She recorded an early 4 track demo with AKM Music, and song 'Chocolate' with New Zealand based Welsh  Producer Greg Haver (Catatonia, Manic Street Preachers, Super Furry Animals) at his Big Noise Studios in Cardiff. She also recorded song 'Don't Push It Away', (a rework of the 'Chocolate' riff) with Richard Dunn, in Cardiff (UK).

Millennium night saw Rachel playing Cello with the Patrick Jones band in front of 60,000 people, supporting the Manic Street Preachers at their legendary Millennium Stadium concert in Cardiff. She also played with the same band later that year at Reading and Leeds festivals.
At the same time as building her own live following with gigs all over South Wales, Rachel was recording with a variety of musicians and producers - Greg Haver, Richard Dunn, Volente,Tanya Walker, Little Miracle, (Riff) Cheap TV, Richard Parfitt (60ft Dolls) for his solo album Highlights In Slow Motion and for Laments self titled debut album. Later she also worked extensively with John Brand, recording her first album, and also wrote and recorded a Cello arrangement for the song Parting Gift on INMEs album White Butterfly.

While studying complimentary therapies and healing arts to compliment her skill set, she continued to perform locally and it was at one of her shows she was spotted by Stereophonics manager John Brand of Marsupial Management who recognised her talent and agreed to record her songs. The resulting acoustic album 'A Drop In The Ocean' was released in February 2004 and received wide critical acclaim. During this time Rachel performed at all the major UK festivals, including V festival and Glastonbury, as well as embarking on her international career, playing shows to enthrall audiences from Toronto to Los Angeles. 2005 saw the release of Rachel's first fully produced album 'Life Changes Everything Changes' (on label formed with her manager John Brand - RMK Music), this time distributed by V2 Records. Throughout the next two years Rachel toured extensively in the UK and played select venues in Canada and America promoting her music and receiving rave reviews wherever she performed.


Everything did change during that time, when in Motor- racing, she competed in Mazdas Formula Woman series. Also a keen motor-cyclist, she owned a Honda CB500 in the UK, which she rode to Monaco and back to watch the F1 Grand Prix! Rachel also accompanied Randy Mamola around Portugals Estoril circuit at an average speed of 200kph... yes, she is brave!

Life continued to change for Rachel, she took a break from touring to get married and start a family in 2006. She put her creative energy into being a new mother to her lovely daughter Jasmine Aurora where they lived in British Columbia, Canada, and briefly in California, USA. She performed at private functions and at the occasional festival, including a local Canadian aboriginal celebration, as well as for Canada day.


In 2012 through challenging personal growth, Rachel's circumstance placed her in Arizona. She continued every year, to write many songs written from her experiences, and has them all lined up and ready to record when time permits.


Around 2014 she met guitarist/songwriter/ composer William Schwab, and percussionist Dave Rentz. She originally joined their band Black Forest Society as session cellist and vocalist, which progressed over time to being a full time member. They have been performing around the valley ever since, and have some great recordings available. They continue to create and uplift crowds with their magical formula of Celtic folk rock, now with percussionist Daniel Whipple. During this time, she continued to compose and work on her solo career, and In 2015, Rachel won the Verde Valley waterways songwriting competition with her composition entry entitled 'Verde River'. In 2017 she won the singer-songwriter category Akademia award for best song with her classic song 'Bubble Trouble'.


In 2018 she added her sound healing gifts to the table, in  collaboration with various local artists. She enjoys fusing healing gifts with yoga instructor and facilitator Crystal Valentina for Lunar Sound Healing events in Arizona as an ongoing bonus, as well as offering private sound healing sessions

In 2019 Rachel released her first single in over a decade, she got back in the driving seat by releasing aptly named single 'Soul Journey' , followed by other singles.

2022 started with forming band 'On A Wing'. She has had various members, which ebbed and flowed as musicians relocated, and circumstances changed.. She decided to continue with her solo artist name, and have members join her when those opportunities present themselves.


The past few years have kept her busy working on her own healing journey, and refining her goals.  She enjoys creating ambient soundscapes from scratch for audiences to hear in that moment, that do not get repeated - an unique gift for the memory and heart. Rachel works extensively in all three areas of her skills, to be of service and raise the vibration wherever she goes.

In 2022 Rachel made a solid connection @360onmusic and started recording an album which she plans to release mid 2023. You can follow progress @rachelmarikimber on instagram.


She releases live videos on instagram and youtube to keep her fans happy while they wait.

Rachel is grateful for your continued support in purchasing and listening to her music, and subscribing to her on all social media platforms.


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     radio edit 4 track sampler


"Rachel Mari Kimber has the rarest amalgamation of talents; clever but accessible lyrical stylings and a striking favulty for melodic invention to serve her thoughtful notions"

     Akademia Awards 2017


Black Forest Society


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BFS Studio Album -

Black Forest Society

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BFS Live Album -

Darkness and Light

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BFS Single -

Getting There

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