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About  Rachel

Rachel is a highly creative musician and healer from Wales, UK. Her life has brought her rich, intense experiences that have lead to sharing her wisdom and healing gifts with the world. Her foundations in training and practices were in the U.K., continuing in Europe, Canada and the US.

She has a variety of skills to offer, using them to tune in with her clients' needs to create the best possible outcome for forward motion in their healing. From mending your body, relationships, or circumstance, to finding your true purpose, she has the tools and insight to put you at ease and leave you feeling peaceful. Her physical wellness assistance includes Reflexology, Swedish, Aromatherapy massage, Integrated bodywork, sound healing, and nutrition advice.


Her unique form of counseling and intuitive guidance has helped many. Her energetic gifts include Reiki, and psychic intuitive connection. Working with Spirit guides, she offers energy work, divine guidance oracle and tarot card readings, as well as science based Love and Destiny card readings, basic human design understanding, and a touch of astrology. The heart of Rachel is very much sound driven. A master of voice, guitar and cello, she is excited to offer music skills of composition, live performance and sound healing. She also makes the most amazing honey or maple sweetened chocolates that have also been infused with healing tones!

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