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Transformational Tarot

Healing infused personal psychic reading, clearing and healing to assist your life journey

  • 1 h 30 min
  • $300 per session
  • Location 1

Service Description

Rachel's healing psychic readings are intentionally transformational. They have a gentle and encouraging approach, contrary to the usual regard traditional card readings have had. Providing a quality one on one private experience in a nurturing environment. The cards are used as a tool for deciphering what is going on for you and the best course of action for you to take moving forwards, channeling messages for your highest evolution in any chosen area of your life. The session starts before you arrive, with Rachel having meditated herself into an altered state, connecting to your energy (she is channeling yet still grounded). She prepares and clears the space with Solfeggio tones, intuitive chosen crystals, Palo Santo, and candlelight. She also prepares by doing a brief study of your birthdate to further understand your communication style and unique gifts. On your arrival, you will be offered spring water charged with good intentions. You can ask a specific question, or have a general reading allowing the cards to speak what is on your heart Your experience will be supported with guidance from Tarot, Angel, Oracle, or Sacred Power cards, to gain clarity over a situation, be it business, pleasure, relationships or in your personal relationship with yourself to move forward confidently. Rachel creates a safe space in which she channels messages using clairaudience, and her visionary gifts. The session incorporates Universal life force energy healing for your self, and for your situation, which can allow an immediate shift in perspective and circumstance with the best possible outcome for your future. Along with the crystals, the session rounds up with not only an aura cleansing to clear what challenges have been brought to the surface, but also a sound healing with intention setting and unique-to-you affirmations for empowering your outcome. You will leave feeling seen, heard, empowered and transformed! Sessions can be done by email or over the phone or video call if you live at a distance, or is your preference. Please allow up to two hours for the session. In person, there is an additional $10 call out charge for service brought to you, which is available within Tempe/Scottsdale/Phoenix/Ahwatuckee/Mesa/Gilbert regions of Arizona, USA. For remote sessions, a good internet connection is required, and access to either Facetime, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger or Zoom.

Contact Details

  • + 310 913 8244

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