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Love Cards

Science based human dynamics discovery

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • $300 per session
  • Location 1

Service Description

Love cards, and a side of Human design. Each love card works off your unique date of birth (not year), and gives insight into personality, and relationship dynamics. Discover if you have karmic ties, are destined for challenges or sweetness, where you can understand each other better to smooth out the bumps in the road. Helpful insight. Human design is a system taken from the best of astrological methods from around the world, fused together. It helps gain a deeper understanding of life purpose, place in the world and how to interact for optimum success with those loved ones in your life. Along with the love cards, there will be a glimpse in to the human design of you and your loved one for a deeper understanding of your dynamics, to improve communication and appreciation. Love Cards are a pack of cards in a book format that assign a specific card to a personality type, yours will depend on your birth day and month. It is an intricate system based on the influences of planets around Earth, similar to that in astrology. You will receive a print out of your personal human design, and basic analysis of what the chart means, along with your love card print out, and a comparison with another persons chart if desired.

Contact Details

  • + 310 913 8244

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